Locality pay would promote higher employee retention

“Locality pay would promote higher employee retention, benefiting both the clients and the agency that I serve.

A stable and continuing client-provider relationship builds security and trust while resulting in more efficient service delivery. Consistency also instills public confidence in government service provision and reduces costs associated with turnover. All too often in Seattle, social service workers are forced to choose between meaningful work and work that pays. We are seeing rapid homogenization in our communities because of growing income disparity. Locality pay would enrich Seattle both professionally and culturally by allowing public sector employees to live where they work. For me, locality pay would mean more freedom in choosing where to live and a firm foundation upon which to start a family. I believe locality pay rewards not only our workforce, but also our clients and the Seattle community.”

– Kevin Roach, Residential Care Case-Manager, DSHS

As a Residential Care Case Manager, I empower clients to live according to their own terms. By building relationships with my clients, I am able to take a holistic approach to their care, ensuring that their physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs are met. This gives clients and their families confidence in continuity of care when an individual has transitioned to a residential setting. Residential Care Case Managers assure that the rights of Washington state residents are made visible and fulfilled at all stages of life.

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