Respect IS a living wage

Advocates for #LocalityPay traveled to Olympia AUG8 to support General Government bargaining, to greet and express their message to management negotiators and deliver over 1300 #LocalityPay petitions.

Members from King County locals (304, 341, 308, 843, 976) greeted Governor Inslee’s negotiators this morning with a clear message: #LocalityPay now!

  • Respect IS a living wage
  • Pay equity based on cost-of-living differences.

Let’s face it, the cost for rent/mortgage, childcare, food are all higher in King County (and other locations in Washington state). Paying a differential is not new. Today with housing prices areas around the state exploding, the ability for state workers to stay in (or move to) the communities they serve is incredibly challenging.

The members organized in January to begin sharing their positions. Find the information here:

The site sums up their hopes, simply put, to live in the communities where they serve.

They offered support for the General Government bargaining team, greeted management’s negotiators and then proceeded to the Capitol to deliver over 1300 signed petitions.

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