TAKE ACTION for Locality Pay

Please make calls and send emails to the Governor today so we can win #LocalityPay for public employees in high cost of living areas.

EMAIL Governor Inslee and Labor Relations Assistant Director Franklin Plaistowe

During recent contract negotiations the state said NO to #LocalityPay and market pay for state and community college employees. These economic gains are critical to those of us living and working in King County where the cost of living is spiraling out of control. Without real raises and locality pay, many of us can’t afford to live and serve here any longer.
90% of children’s social workers in Kent have left state service in the last three years, and 99% of all state employees are paid below market rate.
The professional inspectors who make sure our workplaces are safe also face a crisis. 1 in 3 hired since 2008 have left within 2 years, leaving workers at risk and costing tax payers millions of dollars to train their replacements.
The State is becoming a training ground for other employers.
The Governor’s bargaining teams aren’t listening to our concerns about locality pay. Our only chance of winning is to stand together and act together. Take a minute to call the Governor’s office in the next 48 hours. And send an email now!


Call Gov Inslee: 1-360-902-4111

Phone Message: “Hi, I am (name) & I want to leave a message for our governor. We need locality pay. Please protect the future of public services in high cost of living areas. Invest in public employees by supporting LOCALITY PAY so we can afford to answer the call to public service.”

State employees and community college employees want fair contracts that end the growing trend of public servants driven out of public service by non-competitive pay.
We must address the inequities faced by employees in high cost of living areas.

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