Seattle members take Locality Pay to the Governor

<strong>King County members rallied at Seattle’s Fishermans Terminal in hopes of catching Governor Inslee’s attention</strong> as he attended an event to christen the <a href=””>Blue North</a> fishing vessel.

Members on the terminal were flanked by kayaking members in the water, both groups chanting, waving signs  and leafletting to bring attention to the high cost of living in certain areas of our state.

The activists were persistent in their efforts. And it payed off.

<strong>Governor Inslee stopped to chat with the rally attendees acknowledging the real cost-of-living challenges faced by public employees in King County.</strong>

“I understand the value of public service, I do. And I think everyone wants what’s fair,”

Members shared examples of the cost differential for day care, housing and transportation. Some of the figures gave him pause.

<strong>Negotiations continue on Tuesday, September 13.</strong>

Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant seeing the event unfold on Twitter, sent the following message to activists at Fishermans Terminal:

“I salute all Washington State employees who are standing up for public services and justice on the job. Every day, you care for our children and elders; make sure our roads are fixed and our water is safe; protect our environment; and enforce laws that help working people. Your work is invaluable, but just one look at your paycheck and it’s clear you’ve been left behind. That’s especially true for public service workers in the Seattle/King County area, where housing and child care costs are skyrocketing, well above costs elsewhere in the state.

I’m disappointed to hear that even after you mobilized 1,000 members last week for a demonstration in Olympia, Governor Jay Inslee still hasn’t gotten the message: Public service workers deserve respect.

Even though I can’t join you in person this afternoon, I stand in solidarity with you today – whether you have your feet on the ground or a paddle in the water. By standing up to state leaders, by showing Jay Inslee that there will be no business as usual, you are showing the political establishment that WFSE Never Quits.

Keep up the fight, build on today’s direct action, and I’m confident you will win the just contract that you deserve.”

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