About Us

never-quitThis year, our Union is negotiating with the State of Washington and Washington’s Community Colleges for new union contracts. With your support, we can win a pay adjustment to increase the pay for public employees in high cost of living areas. We need to make sure public services are available in all areas, and public employees are treated fairly no matter where they live and serve. Take the pledge today!

Recruitment and retention delays cost taxpayers and delay public services. There is a steep cost to taxpayers when we are keep training new employees to replace the people who left for a higher-paying position just so they could afford to continue living in the same area where they work. Of the 60 social workers working in Kent, WA 100% have left in the last 3 years. It takes 2 years and costs the state $210,238 to train Occupational Safety and Health professionals, but 1 in 3 hired since 2008 have left after 2 years, resulting in millions of dollars to train their replacements. The State is becoming a training ground for other employers.

Public employees are also customers who support our local businesses. When we invest in public employees, not only do we get the vital services they provide, but they increase the prosperity of our community. That’s because for every $1.00 invested in a state employee, they return a $1.60 to our community. But state employees in high cost of living areas have fewer dollars to spend in our communities. That’s because they have a lower standard of living than employees in other areas due to the higher costs of housing, child care, and transportation. For example, a person living in Spokane who earns $50,000 a year would have to earn approximately $34,000 a year more in Seattle to have the same standard of living. The turnover also results in higher workloads and delay in services to the public as it becomes more difficult to recruit and train replacement employees.

We are the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE), AFSCME Council 28. We are 40,000 employees united for retaining vital public services and public programs that make Washington thrive.

Support Washington’s state employees because we…

Protect our children
Keep our parks open
Regulate pesticides
Keep drinking water safe
Certify organic farms
Feed babies and mothers
Keep up our lakes stocked with fish
Keep small businesses open
Keep the lights on
Fight discrimination
Help needy families
Fix roads and clear accidents
Help students learn
Fight wildfires
Keep workplaces safe
Are the safety net

Never quit working for you.